By Fax

415-723-7753 fax

Please include your case number on all faxes.

Por favor incluya su numero de caso en todo fax que envie. 

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In Person:

You can drop the documents off in person by placing them in a large envelope. The large envelope should have your name and phone number.
We recommend that you keep a copy of any original documents you drop off.

Request Postage

You can call our office and request that a prepaid envelope be sent to you.

Puede llamar a nuestra oficina y solicitar que se le envíe un sobre prepago.

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By e-Mail

By e-Mail
Attn: info@bay-area-immigration.com or call and ask for a direct access email.
Be sure to include your full name and case/matter no. on the subject line.
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By Mail

Attn: Document Review

Coghlan Law Office

615 Sansome St., FL 2

San Francisco CA 94111-2229

Be sure to include your full name and matter no. on the envelope and the documents you mail.

Asegúrese de incluir su nombre completo y número de asunto en el sobre y los documentos que envíe por correo.