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New USCIS regulations for Asylum based EAD's

For Asylum based renewals, USCIS has been rejecting I-765's where the applicant has provided a money order of $495.

USCIS no longer requires the $85 biometric payment.

See the USCIS announcement here: https://www.uscis.gov/i-765

"effective immediately, applicants for employment authorization in the (c)(08) category SHOULD NOT submit the $85 biometric services fee with their Form I-765. The biometric services fee is no longer required and submitting the $85 biometric services fee may cause your application to be rejected for overpayment."

Rev. 03.2022


Send Checklist 765

Attn: FBAS C-9
P.O. Box 805887
Chicago IL 60680-4187

Attn: I-765 C-8
P.O. Box 650888
Dallas, TX 75265-0888

Attn: FBAS C-10 or A-10
P.O. Box 805887
Chicago, IL 60680-4120

Where to file: other catergories 

Purple/Lilac Scan coversheet


Am I eligible? 

EAD categories under which a U Visa client qualifies for employment authorization

(a)(19) – an alien in valid U-1 nonimmigrant status

(a)(20) – an alien in valid U-2, U-3, U-4, or U-5 non-immigrant status

(c) (14) - Deferred Action